Pressed Sparkle Kit – Daily Life Forever 52

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Pressed Sparkle Kit
Pressed Sparkle Kit
Pressed Sparkle Kit

Pressed Sparkle Kit

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Daily life forever52 pressed sparkles are highly pigmented glitters that comes in 24 amazing shades. It gives you the freedom of experimenting with new looks every day. Glam up your look with this pearly iridescent powder. Composed of pure synthetic mother-of-pearl, ranging from cool, light tones to rich and deep colors. Ideal for creating captivating eye looks. Each color can be mixed and matched. The pressed sparkles combines the subtle iridescence of the pressed sparkles with the intense, Long-lasting color of Eye Shadows for a spectacular finish. Get rich, bold hues in just one swipe with this one! It is formulated in such a way that it does not need any adhesive to stick.


1. Available in 24 playful shades.
2. Highly pigmented and doesnot need any adhesive to stick.
3. Creates a high level  sparkle effect
4. It can be worn on eyes, lips and nails too.



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