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Set off your perfectly-done makeup with the Daily Life Forever52 compact powder!

By now, you have learnt how to apply primer, BB cream online and foundation but you need a compact powder if you want a fresh and natural coverage. Most of us either forget or conveniently don’t use compact face powder, fearing that it won’t look good on our complexion. Quite the contrary, Daily Life Forever52 compact powders come in a lightweight powdery texture that evens out your skin, retains your makeup, absorbs oil and corrects foundation mistakes to an extent.

Daily Life Forever52 compact powder online is available in different skin shades, undertones and coverage, which caters to oily skin types. They are perfect if you want light coverage as compared to regular foundation makeup that is heavier, more long-lasting and requires fewer touch-ups. For example, the Daily Life Forever52 Studio Compact Powder is a refined compact powder with a matte finish. A fade-resistant and oil-free formula minimises the appearance of pores and works great for normal to dry skin. Moreover, look for a long-lasting formula that controls oil but doesn’t dry out your skin.

Why should you buy Daily Life Forever52 compact powder?

You should buy compact powder if you have oily or problematic skin, as they add matte finish to your skin without the oiliness. Now that you have the option of ecommerce stores such as Daily Life Forever52, you can easily buy compact powders online as per your skin tone and finish. On the other hand, a liquid foundation suits dry skin as they provide the hydration and moisturisation that is difficult to achieve with a powder-based product.

Here is where you need to be careful when choosing your face powders, as we tend to confuse between compact powder and finishing powder. Compact face powder gives you natural coverage and finish, even without applying a heavy liquid foundation.

 On the other hand, finishing powders have a lighter texture and are applied over foundation to make your makeup last longer and keep it fresh. Due to its finer particles, it settles into wrinkles and fine lines due to its lower oil content. Apply finishing powder with a big Kabuki brush for lighter coverage, while use a powder puff to press the product into your skin for oilier skin types. For example, the Daily Life Forever52 Wet N Dry Compact powder in four shades doubles up as a foundation and a finishing powder with its mattifying satin finish. This wet and dry compact is long-lasting, water-resistant and with great coverage, it covers up your blemishes for hours.

What should you use the Daily Life Forever52 compact powder?

As foundation, there are different kinds of Daily Life Forever52 compact powders that you can work with a makeup brush set for a smooth finish. You can decide between a dewy and mattifying formula, ones with an in-built highlighter, some containing SPF while others are suited for oily skin. However, they do share a common purpose: to make our skin look naturally matte and glowing with a single makeup product.

Here’s why you should apply compact powder:

  • Compact powder is applied after foundation for a reason, it holds the makeup for longer. Liquid foundation tends to get cakey or fades away after a while, whereas compact powder prevents the same and retains the glow.
  • Oil and sweat are a couple of culprits that can ruin that perfectly done-up face, which is why compact powder absorbs the extra oil to keep your look matte. Recommended for oily-skinned users, it furthers controls shine that helps you achieve that a sunkissed glow without much ado.
  • As mentioned before, compact powders can be worn with or without a liquid foundation, which greatly depends on your skin type and needed coverage. Nevertheless, it can lend a smooth, polished and flawless radiance to your skin along with eye kajal and mascara eye makeup.
  • The right compact powder corrects minor makeup glitches as well, such as too-dark foundation and too intense blush to achieve the correct skin tone. Speaking of imperfections, the Daily Life Forever52 Skin Care Two-way Cake in three shades is a lightweight but long-lasting product that offers natural coverage and SPF. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, its anti-shine, perlite oil-free formula does not clog pores. You can apply the product as it is by using the provided sponge for full coverage, or by moistening a makeup sponge and creating a foundation.

How to apply the Daily Life Forever52 compact powder?

As with any makeup product, a freshly-washed face acts as a clean canvas, to begin with. If you want to enhance your skincare and makeup routine, don’t forget to tone and moisturise your face to ensure smooth application, especially if you have dry skin. A primer minimizes your pores and helps the compact powder to sit well on your skin, even if you aren’t wearing a foundation. For example, the Daily Life Forever52 Skin Care Two Way Cake is perfect for oily-skinned users with its silky-smooth but oil-free finish. It is water-resistant, lightweight and double-creamy formula offers maximum coverage with sun protection to achieve an even skin tone.

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