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Best Eyeliner Products at DailyForever52!

We can assure you, eyeliner must have been a regular component in your first makeup-bag. If yes, what’s the reason behind its popularity over the years? What is it about the seductive eyeliner that delivers dark colour payoff in a single wipe?

As Marilyn Monroe says, “Black eyeliner. It’s standard. It’s all you need. It just makes the world a better place.” The Forever52 eyeliner is the solution to all your makeup problems, as it delivers highly pigmented colour that is great for smokey eyes. Though they are easy to apply, you should choose the product that suits your convenience. Our eyeliner simplifies the job with its tight grip, which allows you to ace that cat-eye look. With the right eyeliner at hand, your eye makeup will look the same on both sides—every single day. Also, choose the best eyeliner online for a creamy-smooth formula that is safe for your eyes.

It is important to master the exact hold, control and pressure when you buy online eyeliner shades, whether it’s black or brown (black provides a dramatic look, while browns give a natural appeal to your eyes). Otherwise, you’ll end up with terrible panda eyes that would be next to impossible to undo, even with bottles of makeup remover. While that iconic stroke of eyeliner could complete your million-dollar look, it does need a little practice to get it right.

Best-in-class Gel Eyeliner Products in India for those picture-perfect eyeliner wings!

All of us love the grace and charm of a beautifully-applied eyeliner, as it complements both light and heavy makeup. The Forever 52 eyeliner online gives you an amazing colour payoff, is smudge-proof, water-proof, sweat-proof and easily removable. When you buy eyeliner online, you will notice that modern formulae have skin-safe ingredients that do not render your eyes red and irritated.

Similar to foundations and lipsticks, there are several kinds of eyeliners available in the market. For the liquid eyeliner, its greatest benefits lie in its long-lasting magic. You can work with them to make your eyes look bigger and give them a doe-eyed appeal. They can enhance the shape of your eye without using shadow, which gives you a bold look that lasts throughout the day.

The precise pen-type brush makes creating eye flicks, under-eye strokes or winged tips much easier. On the other hand, the eyeliner pencil is great to create a soft and smudged look. It gets close to and in between your lashes, which lends you the control of a smokey eye.

If you are someone who leads a hectic lifestyle and tends to sweat, the waterproof eyeliner online keeps your eye makeup perfect as you go about your business. Gel liners don’t need to be layered and dry up fast to give you a clean and sharp appearance. Also, when you buy online eyeliner, ensure that it is well within its pre-expiry period to avoid eye infections.

Buy Long-Lasting Eyeliners at DailyForever52, India

The Super Stay Eyeliner (Black) has a defined brush tip that allows you for a sharp stroke for a jet-black, clean look. Water and sweat-resistant, you can carry it in your purse without worrying about messy smudges.

Available in greens, browns, blues, silvers, gold and the conventional black, the Waterproof Smoothening Eye Pencil comes in a highly-pigmented formula to create exotic looks. The water-resistant formula defines your eye’s natural shape and can be multi-used as an eyeshadow.

The Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner Tattoo comes with a creamy long-lasting formula in the shades of black and brown. It doesn’t fade, crease or smudge, and its gel formula dries quickly to give you a precise or smokey line—whichever you choose.

When you buy eyeliner online, choose the Kajal Eyeliner Pencil doubles up as an eyeliner and kajal pencil. With a creamy formula, it dries up to a no-smudge and long-lasting finish. Water-resistant and smudge-proof, the colour stays put even after hours.

A jet-black colour that offers a great colour payoff, the Forever52 Spin Liner has a rolling disc applicator that glides along the lash line to deliver intense lines – thin or thick. Also, it dries up easily and does not transfer onto your clothes due to its matte and smudge-proof formula.

Speaking of waterproof eyeliner online, the Waterproof Ink Liner features a precision brush tip that offers the beauty of a pigmented eyeliner pen that dries up to a defined matte finish.

Long-lasting liquid liners are every girls’ favourite, and the dermatologically-tested Miracle Liquid Eyeliner comes with a defined brush tip that delivers colour without smudging or fading.

Just one stroke can set things right – benefits of eyeliners!

There are different kinds of eyeliners available in the market to suit your convenience and style. You can choose your favourite eyeliners online to lend that gorgeous sparkle to your eyes, and subsequently, your personality. Today, they come with different ingredients that promote a safe application and a smudge-free appearance even after a long, tiring day:

Benefit 1

The Forever52 eyeliner offers you lasting liquid eyeliners that offer strong colour payoff, water-proof and smudge-proof qualities. They are the best eyeliner products online available today. You can achieve a bold and precise flick with a single stroke that needs no touch-ups throughout the day. They do not clump up and can be used by more seasoned makeup lovers due to its liquid formula that can only be removed by makeup remover. 

Benefit 2

If a liquid formula is not your favourite option, try out the Forever52 gel eyeliner that comes with a thin brush applicator. It is easy to work with, is long-lasting and gives a clean look that you’ll love. It can be easily packed into a purse and can be worn everywhere. 

Benefit 3

The Forever52 Superstay Eyeliner has a felt-tip nib that offers correct precision and control over your choice of thickness. It is also extremely long-lasting.

Benefit 4

Kohl has made its reappearance with the Forever52 Extra Lasting Kajal, which glides easily over the waterline for a soft and smokey eye look.

Benefit 5

The Forever52 Paraben-free Smokey Eyeliner has a matte finish with rich pigment, smudge-resistant and long-lasting formulation. Perfect for smokey eyes, its brush-tip liquid liner works best with a precise application.

Other Eyeliner and Beauty Products to buy in India

As you work on your eyes to elevate your decked-up look, skim through eye mascara, other cosmetic productshighlighter palette, contour palette, etc. to complete your diva avatar. In order to buy mascara, ravishing beauty products online, or buy eyeshadow online, indulge in some window shopping at DailyForever52 in your free time.

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