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Lend a colourful pop to your eyes with Forever52 eyeshadow!

When we think of eyeshadow, we think of bright hues painted across our eyelids. Though that is a common, eyeshadow isn’t something that should simply be reserved for special occasions. The real key to wearing eyeshadow is to consider the occasion, outfit, your skin colour and undertone, and of course, the rest of your makeup. Much like lipsticks and blush, eyeshadows come in different shades, finishes and tones – which opens up a wide range of options for the fair, medium and dusky-skinned.

What is most important when you buy eyeshadow online is that it should match your personality and outfit, and you must be able to carry it off beautifully. And, that’s right where the Forever52 Eyeshadow Palette shall come to the rescue!

How to choose the perfect Forever52 eyeshadow for yourself!

Much like other cosmetic products, there is an eyeshadow for every skin colour and undertone. Here, we have broken down the colour scheme into light, medium and dusky along with yellow or pink undertones. Though this is not a definite list, it will assist you in choosing colours that would look the best on you.

Fair-skinned people with warmer undertones should try a bronze, coral or light pink pigment eyeshadow palette, while those with cooler undertones would look good with copper, lilac, baby blue, rose or green to blend in with the pink look. Wheatish-skinned people with warm undertones can try cinnamon, gold and rust. They should finish the mascara eye makeup with a generous coating of Forever52 kajal pencil online. Olive-skinned people look gorgeous with cool-toned jewel colours, which enhance their skin colour and undertone.

Most brown-skinned people have a neutral undertone, meaning that it goes well with both warm- and cool-toned colours. Therefore, it is important to buy eyeshadow palette online that matches the season, occasion and outfit. For a cooler undertone, try blues, pinks, lilac, grey or even teal. Metallic or jewel colours look exceptionally glamorous on cool-toned dusky skin, such as midnight blue, emerald teal, sapphire and purple. For those with a warmer undertone, choose coral, ruby and rose gold.

What are your options in the Forever52 eyeshadow palette?

As far as the Forever52 eyeshadow price and range goes, we have an array of eyeshadow palettes that contain vibrant colours, soft nudes, jewel tones and metallic. Here’s what you need to know about them:

The Forever52 15 Colour Natural Glow Eyeshadow Palette comes with earthy shades of shimmery and matte reds, greens, yellows and browns. Being travel-friendly and pigment eyeshadow palette, it can be carried in its sleek packaging. It is available in three variants.

The Forever52 Magnificent Eyeshadow Palette is available in six variants, which are highly-pigmented to ensure intense colour payoff and high coverage with a metallic foil finish. Due to its cream-to-shadow formula, there would be no crease afterwards.

The Forever52 35-colour Eyeshadow Palette features a collection of curated shades from neutrals, bright colours, jewel tones and smoky shades. You have several finishes to choose from such as shimmer, matte, satin, transition and metallic. Perfect for work and party alike, these colours are creamy, easy to blend and long-lasting. It is available in three variants.

The Forever52 Dramatic Eyeshadow Palette has matte and shimmer shades in bright hues that are creamy, crease-resistant, easy to blend and highly-pigmented to create customised looks. It is available in four variants.

The Forever52 Metallic Eyeshadow has four cakes featuring silver and gold shades, available in two variants each. After packing in the colour, finish it with Forever52 eyeliner online and false eyelashes for a complete makeup look.

The Forever52 Pro Pigment Eyeshadow Palette comes with twelve shades that help you create customised eye makeup looks. You have pop, concrete bronze and neutral shades that go well with every outfit. The healthy mix of shimmer and matte shades are easy to blend, due to their transitional shades that change your looks completely.

The Forever52 Diamond Dusk Eyeshadow Palette is part of our professional eyeshadow range that has 15 shimmer and matte shades. You can create simple daytime and evening festival looks using the same palette thanks to its creamy texture that offers easy blendability and full coverage.

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