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Buy from the Best Range of Forever52 lipsticks—your road to resplendent beauty!

Does your morning makeup routine include a bright lipstick? Other than just giving a lush colour to your pout, the lipstick comes with its several benefits.

Combining beauty and technology, the correct shade of velvet matte Lip crayon can instantly boost your personality. You can achieve the right match for your outfit from the wide range of Forever52 lipsticks, which come in different shades to suit your mood. It could be ravishing red, capricious coral, passionate pink, burnt brown, non-flavoured neutrals to prominent purple, there are so many highly pigmented options that are perfect to complete your look. Throw on a swipe of lip colour, a dash of mascara and classic hairstyle, and nothing can now stop you from owning the night!

One of the most common fashion accessories for women, the Forever52 lipstick can perk up your confidence, enhance your mood, and hydrate and protect your lips from direct sunlight. During your sessions of lipsticks online shopping, choose high-quality lipsticks so that your lips remain naturally beautiful. Clear and pink lips are the ideal canvas to a smooth and velvety lipstick application. Poor-quality options can darken and dry out your lips, and nobody wants that! Also, choose a shade that matches your skin tone and dress.

Best Matte Lipsticks available in India

Even if you’re not a makeup person, we’re sure that you love lipsticks as much as we do. If you are unsure as to how to make the first purchase, try out the Forever52 matte finish lipstick that keeps your lips smooth, hydrated, pigmented and kiss-proof! Matte lip paint such as the DailyLife Forever52 Super Stay Lip Gloss lends a pigmented and matte texture to your pout. Available in twenty-two shades in reds, browns and pinks, the non-sticky and creamy formula provides coverage, adds volume, long-lasting and is one of our best sellers.

Available in bold colours, matte lipsticks are smudge-, kiss- and transfer-proof—making for a safe option if you are new to the lipstick world. Of course, there are several other benefits of using matte lipsticks that we are going to discuss a little later.

Our matte lipstick collection is available in various colours to keep you tempted and try out more shades to suit your style – red, pink, nude, purple, brown and coral – but we’ll bring you more exciting options soon! Also, let’s take this opportunity to buy cruelty-free products that have not been tested on animals for a more sustainable approach to beauty.

What’s your perfect lipstick on DailyForever52, India?

Choosing the right kind and shade of lipstick online is important to make your pout stand out in those selfies! Though it can be tricky for a first-time and seasoned user alike, here’s what you can try with the Forever52 collection:

The Kiss-proof Long-lasting Lipstick range is great for those who tend to leave behind lipstick stains on their dresses, glasses and other surfaces. Its formula sticks to your skin and doesn’t rub off easily; on the other hand, its crayon-like appearance makes it extremely easy to hold and apply.

Encased in modern packaging, the Hi-Tech Matte Lipstick is available in red, brown and pink. Apart from offering you long-lasting colour, these lipsticks are soft, bold and do not dry out your lips. Its creamy texture is easy to apply and maintain throughout the day.

Similar to regular crayon lipsticks but with a difference, the Forever52 Lip Crayon comes in neutral colours that pair well with pastel-coloured outfits. You can even use it as a lip-liner and fill in your lips for the trending matte lipstick look.

Lend a colourful shade to your outfit with the Super Matte Lipstick, which has a lightweight and creamy texture. Shades range from nude to red, which does not crack and peel out your lips. A long-lasting option, the lipstick is deeply pigmented, creamy, full-coverage and smooth that delivers colours in a single stroke.

If cracked lips are a constant pain during the winters, use the DailyLife Forever52 Pout Out Loud Lipstick that moisturises your lips while retaining the gloss. Pigmented yet lightweight in texture, it comes with a flat-surface applicator for a one-swipe job. Available in seventeen eye-popping shades, these are travel-friendly and complement every occasion.

The Forever52 Matte Long-lasting Lipsticks have a lightweight texture with a rich colour pay-off, complementing its suede-like finish. Its creamy texture keeps your lips hydrated and moisturised, leaving it comfortable and happy. Their satiny finish doesn’t leave behind stains despite its high pigment. You can line your lip using its precise application while colouring your pout in vibrant shades for your night-outs.

The lipstick range is made complete by the Forever52 lip gloss, which is great to add the perfect pout. Dab it on for gorgeous plum lips.

At your lipsticks online shopping rendezvous, search by sorting according to favourite shade, type of lipstick or Forever52 velvet matte lipstick price and you will love the options.

Benefits of Forever52 matte lipsticks—why are they better?

Lipsticks were traditionally used to add colour to the entire make-up routine, but new tech and formulae have been modified to include other benefits as well. Proportions of pigment, wax and oil differ between a matte and a glossy lipstick—the former comprises more pigment and wax, which gives a deeper, opaque and long-lasting colour.

Benefit 1

One of the best things about Forever52 matte lipsticks is that they are long-lasting, and that are not smudged or wiped off by a paper towel, food, beverages or water. Just one stroke is more than enough to get you through the day. It is perfect for those who have an edgier personality and do not have the inclination for the shimmery polish of a glossy lipstick.

Benefit 2

Forever52 matte lipsticks are perfect for all seasons of the year, so you can buy lipsticks online all year round. Most lipsticks tend to smudge away with sweat or water and work great for summer, winter and monsoon alike. Bonus point, matte lipsticks have the same colour payoff in the tube as on your lips.

Benefit 3

Contrary to glossy lipsticks, Forever52 matte lipsticks give a clean and sophisticated look and match every skin tone. Also, you will get shades for every outfit; while red lipsticks display a bold personality, pink denotes a playful one and brown represents a natural look. Your choice of lipstick greatly affects your self-image as well.

Benefit 4

As with any other lipstick, the Forever52 range of matte lipsticks is available in both liquid and bullet variants. Lip crayons and bullet lipsticks have a creamy texture, slow down ageing, combat dryness, layer beautifully and are quick to use.’

For the best makeup products online as well as other beauty products online, visit us at DailyForever52, India. Our wide range of beauty and makeup products will leave you feeling pampered and gorgeous.

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