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Enhance your lashes with Daily Life Forever52 Mascara!

Mascara is one of the underrated beauty products online, as most of us don’t realise the dramatic charm that they lend to our eyes. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to buy mascara from your regular shop. For one thing, high-end brands are way too expensive for the everyday customer, while more affordable brands do not offer quality products. Though some stores allow you to use disposable spoolies, it’s impossible to examine the effect without using a proper mascara wand.

Coming back to choosing the perfect mascara, we have discovered that different brush styles and curves add various effects on your lashes. If you want to buy mascara online, make sure to follow our Forever52 mascara guide before making your choice. It is important to remember each mascara wand is uniquely shaped for your eyes, much like your skincare or haircare products.

Reap the benefits of mascara with Daily Life Forever52 mascara

Don’t all of us love big, bright, and perfectly lined eyes that enhance our look by a few notches? One of the best things about mascara is that it looks great on both ethnic and western outfits, and there is no colour confusion to be worried about. Depending on the formula, the right mascara eye makeup will open-up your eyes, making them look larger and fuller.

They give a dense and thick look to your eyelashes, which can replace the need for fake eyelashes as well. Perfect for days when you have tired-looking eyes, mascara lengthens your lashes, helps you look awake and adds dimension. From a more practical perspective, mascara helps you blend in fake eyelashes with real ones without too much work and effort.

It’s important to use eye mascara within its expiry date, as bacteria can develop in the bottle quite easily after some time. If not careful enough, your mascara could dry up, making it difficult to apply or even cause weakened lashes or irritated eyes.

Choose the perfect mascara with Daily Life Forever52 mascara!

Keep reading to figure out how to find the right Forever52 mascara option for your eyes. A mascara wand with a spiral or double helix brush works perfectly for women with short and fine lashes. You should wiggle the wand from the roots to the tips in a zig-zag motion. Remember to wipe extra mascara off your wand before you apply mascara to prevent clumpy lashes. It enhances the natural length of your eyelashes, maintains erratic lash lengths, curls your bottom lashes, and promotes growth.

A skinny mascara wand is great if you want to evenly coat the thinnest lash strands on the inner corners of your eyes. Ideal to be used after buying false eyelashes online, you can easily apply mascara on your lower lashes due to the narrow wand brush. It has densely packed bristles to capture each lash when applying mascara, which maximises stylish capabilities for length, styles and definition.

A mascara wand with a pointed brush has a precise tip that helps you to build the product even to the depth of your eyes. The tiny tip can reach even the inner corners and bottom lashes, which helps you to apply the product carefully. Thus, it lengthens and grips the lashes at the corner. Our mascara range features several formulas and wands that lends a certain length, shape, and volume to your eyes.

How should you apply the Forever52 mascara?

Use an eyelash curler to lengthen and lift your eyelashes and apply the Forever52 mascara to give you enhanced staying power. Applying an eyelash primer separates and thickens lashes and swiping on a couple of coats can help to retain the colour. Pull up the mascara wand towards the tip of your lashes and coat them thoroughly, but make sure to prevent clumping. Build the coats until you’re satisfied with the thickness and coverage.

Do not use too much mascara from your lower lashes, which would help avoid clumpy lashes. It can get messy at times due to accidental smudges that can be fixed by makeup remover. Apply mascara before you wear eyeliner or eyeshadow, which would help avoid the mess. Buy eyeliner online at Forever52 for a seamless finish to your eye makeup.

What are your options with Forever52 mascara?

You have several options when it comes to choosing the perfect mascara at the Daily Life Forever52 studio – ones that lengthen and curl your lashes, strengthens and adds volume to lashes.They complement any eye makeup look and go extremely well with the Forever52 eye kajal, and enhance your look with fuller, curled and dramatic-looking eyelashes. For example, the Forever52 Mascara with Thick Brush HM001 curls your lashes gives you a satiny finish that is flake-proof and easy-to-maintain.

The Forever52 XL Lash Volume Mascara (Jet Black) LMM001 adds volume, does not smudge and it lengthens your lashes due to the round brush applicator. Moreover, it’s waterproof, smudge-proof and long-lasting.

The DailyLife Forever52 Super Volume Lengthening Mascara TBM001 lengthens, lifts, and strengthens your lashes and adds a jet-black colour with its tornado brush applicator. As a result, you get perfectly conditioned, voluminous and defined lashes with no clumping.

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