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Protect your skin with the Daily Life Forever52 makeup primer!

Makeup primers exist for a simple reason: to prepare your skin for makeup, protect your skin from the makeup, ensure flawless application, blend out blemishes, lend smoothness and make it look long-lasting. People often directly apply the foundation to their skin, with little knowledge about the consequences. Damaged skin, oily and creased makeup are only some of the problems faced by makeup enthusiasts if they don’t wear primer.

Daily Life Forever52 makeup primers have several benefits, and each caters to a particular skin concern. Eyelid primer maintains your eye makeup, prevents it from creasing and prep the delicate eyelid skin. It also adds pop to your eyeshadow colour. Lash primers create an even base for mascara application and provide nutrients. Lastly, lip primers ensure lipstick application, prevent colour bleeding and last longer.

Why should you apply the DailyLife Forever52 primer?

Do you need more reasons to buy the Daily Life Forever52 Moisture Base Pre-Makeup? Its silicon-based translucent gel mattifies and smoothens the complexion, reduces pore size, lends a satiny texture and creates a smooth surface for the foundation cream. It makes your makeup long-lasting, prevents fallout and is perfect for all skin tones. It also has a flexible pump applicator, making it easier to apply.

DailyLife Forever52 primers guarantee a soft and smooth makeup application, smoothen wrinkles and fine lines, and are incredibly lightweight, giving a velvety finish and seal in your pores – predominantly when you’re wearing a liquid foundation. They have a pH of 7.9-8.13 and are water-free, alcohol-free, oil-free, silicone-free, nut-free, vegan and cruelty-free products. When you’re buying beauty products online, you’ll see that Daily Life Forever52 primers are available across multiple consistencies and variants.

Unlike foundations and concealer palettes, makeup primers work on skin colours and skin types. For a water-based option, choose the Daily Life Forever52 Gold Elixir, which contains golden particles. To be used as a base, use the flexible pump applicator to smoothen the skin while travelling.

Why should you choose Daily Life Forever52 eye and lip primers?

Similar to our facial skin, our eyelid and lip skin is thinner and more fragile than the rest of our body. Using an eye primer absorbs excess oil, creates an even base and prevents creased eye makeup. As the primer helps the pigment stick on quickly, you will enjoy the vibrant colours for longer. Eyelids and lips have a natural pigment, making it difficult for certain shades to pop, which is you must apply the Daily Life Forever52 eye and lip primers.

For eyeshadow, use the Daily Life Forever52 Eyeshadow Base that lends a silky base for smooth, long-lasting and dramatic eyeshadow colour. It prevents fallout, increases the shadow payoff and suits all skin types. The Daily Life Forever52 Pigment Primer has a creamy texture formulated for glitter eyeshadow, increasing its durability and colour intensity. It also prevents fallout, is easy to apply, long-lasting and easy to carry. The Daily Life Forever52 lip primer is a sheer and lightweight product, which moisturises your lips with its pigmented colour. It changes matte lipstick into a satin-soft finish, prevents the pigment from feathering, fading or flaking.

What kind of Daily Life Forever52 face primers should you use?

Illuminating face primers online are the best if you’re looking for a goddess-like radiance, as they contain light golden glimmer particles. For dry-skinned makeup enthusiasts, hydrating primers provide moisture and condition the skin. Oily-skinned people should use mattifying primers to control sebum, reduce shine, or even use pore-minimising primers to counter uneven skin tone and large pores. Colour-correcting or tinted primers blend away discolourations such as sallow, ashen or red skin.

Another excellent option for oily-skinned people would be the Daily Life Forever52 All Matte Base, a lightweight gel-based mattifying primer. It contains absorbent powders, which conceal skin imperfections and control sebum. You can wear it with light to heavy makeup and enjoy a long-lasting and matte appearance. Apart from that, it reduces fine lines, smoothens the skin’s surface and minimises your pores. It suits all skin, is oil-free and has a satiny finish.

How should you use the Daily Life Forever52 primer?

Start with a cleansed and moisturised face, and apply sunscreen. Squeeze out a little Daily Life Forever52 face primer on the back of your hand, warm the product using your finger and apply it in spots all over your face. Rub the primer into the skin using circular motions, not missing out on the cheeks, temples, forehead line, chin and around your nose. Once done, go ahead with the following steps: apply BB cream and face highlighter to complete the look.

For the eyes, squeeze out a little eye primer onto your eyeshadow brush or your fingertip. Gently tap the product into the skin, creating a thin layer that absorbs it into the skin. Once done, allow the product to dry.

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