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Keep your makeup looking fresh with the DailyLife Forever52 setting spray!

It does not matter whether you are at work, out on a date, chilling with your friends or taking slow-motion videos on festive occasions, we must always look our best. We choose our favourite kind of makeup: light, fresh and breezy for morning gatherings and dark, bold and over-the-top looks for the evening. Makeup is not permanent, and it tends to start melting, smudging and fading away as the day goes by. Is it worth the risk of looking like someone in a horror movie?

Constantly running to the ladies room to retouch your makeup? Oily skin? Smudged makeup? Creased and patchy appearance? How do you counter such an embarrassing mess?

Well, it is time that you added the DailyLife Forever52 setting spray to your list of beauty products online, which locks in the makeup, keeps your skin matte and fresh, does not need touch-ups and keeps you glowing all day (or night) long!

What is the DailyLife Forever52 setting spray all about?

Once you have done your makeup, spritz the DailyLife Forever52 makeup setting spray to keep your hours of attention and care in place. Also known as fixing spray, setting sprays are found in spray, mist or powder forms. It contains polymers that seal in the makeup, preventing it from looking cakey. There are special fixer setting sprays in the market with DailyLife Forever52 being the leading one.  It caters to different skin types, such as oil-free components for oily skin and moisturising ingredients for dry skin. Setting sprays do not touch your bare skin under the layer of makeup, so it can be used for sensitive skin as well.

How to use the DailyLife Forever52 setting spray?

After completing your makeup routine with a face highlighter, shake the DailyLife Forever52 setting spray bottle so that the ingredients mix well. Spritz the product on your face in a T or X formation, and keep the bottle six to eight inches away from your face. Let it settle for 60 seconds, and your makeup is set for the event.

How to choose the right DailyLife Forever52 setting spray?

The DailyLife Forever52 setting spray can be used by everyone, such as the Quickly Makeup Setting Spray. A light and comfortable spray that seals in makeup with a lightweight and invisible film. This water-based spray gives you a primer effect and protects against pollution and humidity. It also constantly hydrates your skin for a durable and matte finish. The DailyLife Forever52 Mist & Fix setting spray is a multi-purpose product that lends radiance to your skin due to its hydrating ingredients.

Why use the DailyLife Forever52 setting spray?

  • Cools your face

Higher temperatures cause your face to turn oily and your foundation cream to run off. Daily Life Forever52 setting sprays maintain a cool skin temperature, which seals the makeup onto the skin. The Daily Life Forever52 spray also contains polymers that seal a breathable layer over the makeup.

  • Sweatproof and waterproof formula

Despite using primer and compact powder, the Daily Life Forever52 setting spray prevents oiliness or makeup melting due to sebum overproduction. Being a sweatproof and waterproof product, it will not allow the makeup to crease or smudge.

  • Gives you a long-lasting look

Face primers and BB creams focus more on prepping your skin for applying makeup, but the Daily Life Forever52 setting sprays work to deliver a more long-lasting makeup.

  • Hydrates your skin

Use a setting spray if makeup leaves your skin looking dry, rough and patchy. This can happen if you are using powder foundation, contour and concealer palette, but the DailyLife Forever52 Setting spray lends your skin an instant hydrating boost.

  • Makes you look fresh and glowing

After you have completed your makeup, you would want your face to look naturally fresh and glowing for hours. You should use the Daily Life Forever52 setting spray if you want to get rid of unsightly lines and cracks that appear in a couple of hours, and not worry about touching up your makeup constantly.

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