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Add a pop of color to the eyes with the Daily Life Forever52 Glitter!

Are you looking around for high-quality glitter that takes up your makeup by a notch? Are you gushing over that latest Instagram trends where they’re flaunting glitter eyeshadow, lipstick or even highlighter for that dazzling look?

Now that you have your face powder, blush, contour, lipstick and eyeliner on – how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? That’s where we come to the rescue! The Daily Life Forever52 Pressed Sparkles is long-lasting, available in twenty-four shades, highly pigmented, doesn’t need adhesive and is versatile. Made from pure synthetic mother-of-pearl, choose from light tones to deep shadows.

Why should you buy the Daily Life Forever52 glitter makeup?

The Daily Life Forever52 glitter eyeshadow look can both beautiful and overpowering, but it entirely depends on your application. For an all-in-one solution, the Daily Life Forever52 Diamond Powder is a loose face and body glitter made from pure synthetic pearl powder, ranging from cool to rich tones. It is a lightweight formula with fine particles, easily buildable and can be used for nails, lips and eyes.

Cosmetic glitter makeup products from high-quality beauty brands are usually safe, especially if made from polyester. Though applying the Daily Life Forever52 glitter can get messy, you can perfect the look with practice. If used correctly, they amp up your eyes’ boldness, are found in different colours and adjusted according to your outfit, makeup, and occasion. They are incredibly versatile and can be used as glitter eyeshadow or pressed glitter for your foundation.

Where can you use the Daily Life Forever52 glitter makeup?

That’s the thing about the Daily Life Forever52 glitter makeup: you can use it the way you want. There are several options for glitter makeup products, so you must buy eyeshadow online that aligns the best with your comfort level, consistency and type.

  • Loose glitter packed onto your eyes looks gorgeous, but they have the risk of falling into your eyes if you’re not careful enough. Use eye primer, apply a complementing eyeshadow and pack a little glitter onto the eyelids for a dramatic look. Complete the look with gel eyeliner and waterproof mascara for a nighttime look.
  • Glitter on the lips sounds outrageous, but they’re prevalent. Apply your favourite lipstick or lip gloss, and pat a lighting dusting of glitter on top – either chunky or fine.
  • Use glitter on your hair parting, apply hair gel or hair wax to protect the scalp. Next, dust loose glitter on top and lightly brush your hair to disperse the particles.
  • Glitter nails are pretty famous, not messy and easy to do. Apply glitter right after you’ve painted your nails, such as by using a stencil, dusting or as a French manicure.

What Daily Life Forever52 glitter eyeshadow should you use?

As mentioned above, always check for the brand when you’re buying makeup products online. Eye makeup always needs caution when purchasing, as it must not hurt your eyes in any way. One should always start with glitter eye makeup, clean up the mess, and prompt their face makeup for an easy and hassle-free application. Daily Life Forever52 eye glitter makeup comes in different variations, consistencies and application techniques, but their single motive remains to lend an enviable sparkle to our face and eyes.

  • Loose pigmented glitter shadow is the standard option, which comprises tiny glitter specks packed into an eyeshadow pigment. The consistency makes it easier to apply and gives your eyes a more natural look.
  • Cream glitter is cream with a hint of glitter in it, which tends to get chunky if applied correctly.
  • Pressed powder is a blend of cream, glitter and powder.
  • Loose glitter and no primer: Though you can directly apply glitter to the skin, you must use a tinted moisturiser or foundation – which works for subtle glitter eye shadow.

How to use the Daily Life Forever52 glitter eye makeup?

It’s best to use a glitter base before you’re doing your makeup, as the adhesive will catch the particles. This helps the glitter stick better and not budge because of water or sweat, giving you a neater look. Always use tape or shields under your eyes to prevent glitter fall-out, clean up the mess and do your face makeup afterwards. Finish the look with waterproof kajal and false lashes for an instantly party-ready look.

Use the DailyLife Forever52 Magnificent Liquid Eyeshadow for an adhesive glitter, which is highly pigmented, easy to build, glides on easily, is long-lasting, smooth and can be fixed. It is transfer-proof, crease-resistant and delivers a metallic pigment. Next, gently pat on the glitter using your dry finger or a brush. Press on the glitter to prevent bald patches, and rubbing and swiping can irritate. When you’re back home, use a cotton pad dipped in oil to break down the glitter particles. Next, use an oil-based makeup remover to cleanse off the makeup.

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