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1. What Do Concealers Do?

Face concealers are cosmetic products that are used to cover dark circles, blemishes, and other imperfections on the skin. They work by neutralising discolorations and hiding them from view. Concealers are available in different formulas such as liquid, cream, and stick. They can be used on their own or in combination with other makeup products to achieve a flawless complexion.

2. When Should You Apply Concealer?

Concealer should be applied after moisturiser and primer but before liquid foundation. This will allow you to see which areas of your face need extra coverage. You can use a brush, makeup sponge, or fingers to apply concealer directly onto blemishes or dark circles. Use a gentle patting motion to blend the product into your skin, being careful not to rub or drag the area.

3. How to Know Your Concealer Shade?

Picking the right shade can be difficult when buying concealer online. To find your perfect concealer shade, you need to identify your skin's undertone. Undertones can be warm, cool, or neutral. Warm undertones have yellow, peach, or golden tones. Cool undertones have pink, red, or blue tones. Neutral undertones have a balance of both warm and cool tones. Once you have identified your undertone, choose a face concealer that matches or is one shade lighter than your skin tone.

4. Can I Use Concealer as a Foundation or an All-over Face Product?

Concealer palettes are designed to cover specific imperfections on the skin, whereas foundation is meant to even out the overall complexion. While you can use face concealer to spot-treat areas of the face, it is not recommended to use it as an all-over face product or foundation replacement. Using concealer as a foundation can result in an uneven, cakey appearance that can be difficult to blend.

5. Can Concealers Be Used to Cover Acne or Blemishes?

Yes, concealer can be used to cover acne or blemishes. Look for a concealer with a thicker consistency that provides full coverage. Apply the Forever 52 concealer directly to the blemish and use a small brush or finger to blend the edges into your skin. Avoid applying too much product, as this can make the blemish more noticeable.

6. How Do I Remove Concealer at the End of The Day?

To remove concealer at the end of the day, use a gentle cleanser or makeup remover. Apply the product to a cotton pad or washcloth and gently wipe the concealer away. Be careful not to rub or pull at the skin, as this can cause irritation. Once the face concealer has been removed, be sure to follow up with a moisturiser to hydrate and soothe the skin.

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