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3 products


1. How To Use Eyebrow Pencils?

Daily Life Forever52's Eyebrow Pencils are convenient to use. These pencils are immensely pigmented and come with a brush on the other side. Comb the eyebrows and gradually fill the eyebrows with a pencil. Make sure you fill the eyebrows neatly to ensure well-defined eyebrows. With eyebrow pencils, there is complete control, and you can spread the eyebrows as much as you want.

2. How to Use Eyebrow Gel?

Eyebrow gel is helpful in bringing more tint to eyebrows. Stroke Gel Brow works amazingly for people with light hair. With eyebrow gels, you can easily make your eyebrows look full, even, and lustrous. Just take the eyebrow corrector and spread it across in the shape you desire. Forever 52 eyebrow palettes are beginner friendly and easy to use.