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Cover it up with the DailyLife Forever52 concealer!

Let us get real, nobody wakes up looking like our favourite starlets, music icons or anybody else whom we adore. Do you have an important presentation coming up? Are you going to be a beautiful bride? Or, is it just one of those days when your skin does not seem to behave well? Or… have you stayed up all night to binge-watch your favourite series? In any case, you will find that DailyLife Forever52 concealer palette has come to your rescue!

No matter where you go, you will be blessed with flawlessness at the light application of this wonder product, which is extremely versatile in its use. All you need to do is to use the DailyLife Forever52 concealer palette with your favourite DailyLife Forever52 foundation cream for a perfect application with your fingers or our makeup brush set. Next, put on your favourite outfit and get ready to be the star of the morning, evening or whenever you want to look your best!

What are the benefits of DailyLife Forever52 concealers?

Benefit #1: Blurs away dark circles

For the mornings you have to attend college after staying up the whole night working on your projects, the DailyLife Forever52 color correcting palette will come to your rescue. The oil-proof and waterproof DailyLife Forever52 Orange Corrector creates the illusion of naturally-awake and radiant eyes, topped with a little shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eye.

Benefit #2: Hides blemishes

We are usually advised to not wear makeup on troubled skin, but here is where the DailyLifeForever52 16 Color Camouflage HD Palette comes into place. An easy to blend and long-lasting product, it comes with a range of light to dark colours to be finished off with translucent powder.

As with any other makeup product, it is always important to buy high-quality colour corrector palettes and makeup products online to prevent skin irritation, redness, rashes, breakouts, bumps and a burning sensation.

Benefit #3: Doubles up as contour stick

Now, we come to the less-known uses of the DailyLife Forever52 concealer palette price. For the days you are out of your contouring stick, use a cream concealer of a slightly darker shade than your natural skin tone. You will be blessed with chiselled-looking skin with only a couple of strokes.

Benefit #4: Highlights cheekbones

Likewise, use a lighter shade of concealer on your cheekbones or under the eyes for a fresh glow. You can even use it on the bridge of your nose, brow bone and the cupid’s bow.

Benefit #5: Smoothes out skin

As we age, we get fine lines. Use a buildable concealer that will not show between the creases by patting a couple of dots into the skin.

Benefit #6: Gives you a natural glow

The DailyLife Forever52 Ultra-Smooth Perfect Match Concealer pencil is a waterproof, long-lasting, blendable and lightweight product that covers redness and dark spots. Unlike other concealers, it is designed to look natural on the skin, even without the DailyLife Forever52 foundation.

Which DailyLife Forever52 concealer is your favourite?

  • The easily blendable, waterproof, long-lasting and creamy DailyLife Forever52 Concealer Pencil is good for oily skin, as it blends large areas of imperfections with its creamy-matte texture and precise application.
  • The DailyLife Forever52 Complete Coverage Concealer - COV is your best friend if you want to hide dark circles, as it is lightweight, creamy and long-lasting. It blends away redness, discolouration, hyperpigmentation and dark circles instantly.

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