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Make the DailyLife Forever52 foundation your secret weapon to flawless beauty!

Do you describe yourself as a ravenous makeup enthusiast? If so, do you know why the foundation is called just that?

Well, the foundation is the most important aspect of makeup. Your entire look, whether blushed cheeks or smokey eyes, is supported by it. With beauty and technology coming together to create sheer art, achieving flawless skin is not a dream anymore. It is possible to get your skin looking blemish-free and ageless with the Forever52 foundation that is just right for you.

The right amount and shade of foundation cream will cover every spot and line on your face. Yes, here is some advice: do not overdo your foundation; it looks artificial and cake-like. Also, choosing the wrong shade draws attention to you for the wrong reason. While the foundation is a secret-weapon, you need to know how and how much to apply.

Achieve smooth, even-toned, and blemish-free skin DailyLife Forever52 foundation!

Everyone wants smooth, even skin. And, with the Forever52 foundation range of face foundation cream, liquid foundation, spray foundation and oil-free foundation you have struck gold! Power-packed with the right concoction of ingredients that is good for the skin, foundations have come a long way. They are so much more than a layer that simply zaps the blemishes away with a swipe of your makeup brush. But remember that choosing one that is right for you is your first step to getting that picture-perfect diva look.

Is your skin dry? You must try the best dry skin foundation by Forever52. It will keep your skin hydrated, ensuring that you feel like the diva you are.

Does your skin ooze oil? The Forever52 range of the best oily skin foundations has a matte texture that will absorb your face oils and keep you feeling beautiful.

Do you experience acne often? The stick foundation concealer, a Forever52 favourite, is perfect to conceal and reveal the right portions of your gorgeous face.

Our lightweight to full-coverage foundation options will solve your skin woes.

The DailyLife Forever52 foundation is available in different shades, undertones, and finishes!

Applying foundation makeup is art! While choosing the foundation that is right can be tricky, it is something you can master in no time.

 The Forever52 foundation Ultra Definition Liquid variations are perfect for those special days. Put on that killer dress you love and pair it with a liquid foundation from this collection and smokey eyes the next time you go on your date.

 Your work and casual looks call for dressing up too. The Forever52 foundation Photo matte Liquid range can be your BFF foundation makeup. With the right balance that the matte look instils, these are perfect for your office mornings and café evenings.

 The Spotlight Glow Stick or SGS range of Forever52 foundation is just what you need when the night is long and parties on the mind. Dressed in your party attire and shimmering accessories, this look will prep you to slay the night and everyone in sight.

 For those days of last-minute party plans, the Spray Foundation Forever52 range comes in four shades to suit your mood, look, and skin. Spray on a fabulous layer of the foundation and go crazy with your party plans. These are also perfect for performance or modelling nights.

The DailyLife Forever52 foundation—benefits and more

Traditionally, foundation cream was only meant to combat signs of troubled skin such as acne, freckles, hyperpigmentation or even ageing. However, times have changed and so have the formulae. Forever52 foundation creams contain natural ingredients that offer many benefits to your skin.

Benefit 1

Foundation makeup when applied over a makeup primer, creates a protective layer to protect your skin from sunlight, pollution, and free radicals. Common signs of skin damage include premature wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, redness, and other skin irregularities. Most makeup foundations contain sunscreen in the form of titanium or zinc oxide, both of which protect you against the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Benefit 2

Face foundation cream comes in low-coverage, medium-coverage, and full-coverage ranges. The full-coverage ones deliver exactly what it promises, giving you smooth and glowing skin in just a couple of takes. Now sort out discoloration, scars, spots, pigmentation, and every other flaw with a swish of the finger.

 Benefit 3

Foundation is available for all skin types: oily, dry, combination or sensitive. Though traditionally, it used to feel heavy and sticky on the skin, the Forever52 foundation range ensures a lightweight and creamy application that does not settle into your skin.

Benefit 4

Makeup was traditionally bought at regular, general stores, which did not deliver great results. But with us sharing our terrific line of foundation makeup online, you can source handpicked, world-class makeup right off our store.

Benefit 5

The Forever52 range of face foundation creams are crafted using healthy and long-lasting ingredients to give you even-toned skin that lasts much longer. Indulge in your favourite variety of foundation for that flawless skin.

Concealing is no longer a trying task. With the magic of concealment in sticks of eight shades, simply roll out the Stick Concealing Foundation by Forever52 and dab it onto the blemishes or acne. Conceal these imperfections to reveal the goddess within.

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