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Colour your lips in multicoloured shades with the DailyLife Forever52 lip palette!

Now that you have applied the Forever52 lip liner, you need the perfect colour for your lips! We believe that every dress comes with a complementing lipstick shade, and with our latest lip palette, you will never run out of colours to choose from!

You are looking for a product that matches your outfit, mood and eye makeup, using only the best beauty products online. Though one can never have enough lipsticks and lipgloss, we believe that the DailyLife Forever52 lip palette is affordable, high-quality and offers a wide choice of bright and neutral shades. They save on time and money, and you can easily mix two colours to create the perfect shade for yourself.

The DailyLife Forever52 lip palette offers several colours, so you can create multiple looks by creating an ombre lip. To do so, start by outlining the outside of your lips with darker lip colour and fill in the centre with a lighter shade. Blend the edges, and you will create the illusion of a fuller pout. A lip palette is equally helpful if you are starting with makeup or even if you are a professional makeup artist.

Here’s why you should buy the DailyLife Forever52 lip palette

First things first, you can play around with bright and neutral colours each time you dress up. Yes, we believe in experimenting with colours till you find your perfect shade. Apart from that, use lipstick palettes to contour, plump and shine to your lips. Thus, you can go from soft and subtle to bold and glamorous even if you are travelling, running short of time or cannot bring over your collection of lipsticks.

DailyLife Forever52 lipstick offers an intense colour payoff in one swipe, making for an easy application. You can customise your look as per different occasions, locations and outfits with our pigmented shades that beautifully Indian skin tones.

One of the best things about using the DailyLife Forever52 lipstick palette is that you can use it as a cheek, contour, blush or eyebrow tint as well, as well as rendering other multiple uses. All you have to do is dab a little on your eyebrows as well as cheeks, and your makeup is done with a single product. Our lip palettes are water-resistant, smooth, long-lasting creamy and easily blendable, making them highly convenient to use. They are also animal cruelty-free, gluten-free and paraben-free.

How to use the DailyLife Forever52 lip palette?

If you are a makeup enthusiast, you will know that you must always start with a fresh canvas. Here’s how you can apply the DailyLife Forever52 lip palette:

  • Prepare your lips by exfoliating with a scrub to remove dead skin and hydrate them using a lip balm. A lip balm ensures even long-lasting lip colour application and makes it transfer-proof.
  • Use the edge of a brush to fill in the colour on your lips, and use foundation or concealer to clean up the sides.
  • Blot out the excess product using tissue and compact powder, which events out the lip colour as well.

How should you use the DailyLife Forever52 lip palette?

If you love to experiment with different colours, the DailyLife Forever52 lip palette can be used with a Forever52 lip liner and a Forever52 lip primer for well-etched and even coverage. Use a thin brush, beauty blender or even your fingers to dab the colour on your lips, eyelid and cheek for a fresh burst of colour. Start with the lightest shade, and work up the intensity with a medium shade. If you are dressing up for a lovely evening, finish with a darker shade to create additional volume. Also, add some lip gloss over your matte lipstick for extra effect.

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